Information Architecture

Climate Prediction Center Website Recommendations

Project Overview

CPC is a branch of the government agency NOAA that publishes climate data to support government and industry work related to weather, agriculture, energy, transportation, water resources, and health.  The site was selected for review and recommendations as part of an Information Architecture course at the University of Baltimore. 

User Persona

Research and Strategy

I worked with two other students to inventory more than 300 pages, recording information about location, purpose, template and more.

I led the development of the information architecture and an online card sort to test our proposed structure. The sort offered excellent insight that informed our labeling and structure recommendations. We developed personas, wire frames, analyzed the site’s search, and completed a competitor review.

We set goals to make the site more organized, consistent, and task-oriented.

Slide explaining card sort test and showing results.


We presented our findings and recommendations to the deputy director of the CPC.  Key recommendations included improved labeling and navigation, standardized page layouts, and managing content to make images and data sets easy to download and archive. We presented a tiered approach, showing short and long-term recommendations.


Client Presentation (PDF)

Wireframe for recommended product page on Climate Prediction Center website.