The Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG), one of the National Cancer Institute’s largest divisions, planned to migrate their content from Percussion to the National Cancer Institute enterprise digital platform – the new Drupal content management system. 

DCEG.cancer.gov was launched on the Drupal platform in August of 2019. The improved site was responsive and included improved SEO, enhanced multimedia, and new content types.
The former DCEG.cancer.gov was migrated from the Percussion content management system. The site was was designed for desktop only.


As the project lead, I audited 2500+ URLs for compatibility with the enterprise system, including content type usage and fields; HTML inconsistencies; navigation structure problems, metadata gaps; and image specifications. 

I presented complex problems to clients and recommended solutions to modify hundreds of URLs ahead of migration. I broke down issues into categories and devised plans to attack problems in efficient ways – automating where possible and manually updating as needed.

Explanation of future state CMS navigation requirements and visualization of current state folder structure.
Explanation of HTML content block patterns and introduction to structured content type migration.


Our team automated migration of 1500+ URLs with minimal issues. DCEG gained a responsive website with improved SEO, multimedia features, and new blog structure for their news section. Visits increased by 15% year over year in the first six months of launch. DCEG invested in a second phase of the project to improve content strategy and information architecture.