The Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Cancer Institute requested a revision of their information architecture and content strategy. Since their launch in 2012, content had grown out of date, publishers had worked in silos, and leadership had lost sight of strategy. With more than 1500 URLs, dozens of publishers, and evolving organizational goals, I introduced the concept of discovery to align stakeholders on problems to solve.


Discovery began with 14 stakeholder interviews and 2 audience focus groups. We built on findings from interviews with web data analysis and a content audit. To capture findings from user stories, we developed a preliminary journey map to illustrate experience across touch points.  

Explanation of discovery activities, as presented to client.
Preliminary user journey for target Fellow audience.
Traffic data for key sections, shown to illuminate importance to users.
Illustrating how two pages with similar intent are inconsistent in several important ways.


We aligned 8 key stakeholders on direction for the project, surfacing issues that included a mismatch with customer journey, content design and workflow issues, and lack of goals and measurement plans. NCI stakeholders determined this process should be adopted for future work.